Bellamy – The beauty & beast

“Just back home from a 20km run, perfect time to persuade Zouma to play, annoy Kali, randomly bite into Mackie, jump on and off the couch, make a sprint through the garden, etc. Hmm, what else can I do – damn my pack is sooo boring and lazy, why do they all want to sleep? I’m just done with my warm-up.”

Snip – The family man

“Where is Limit? What is Limit doing? Limit is sleeping? Oh I am tired as well. Limit is drinking, hell I am sooo thirsty too.”

Zouma – The unicorn

“Hello my friends, nice to see you again! Let’s have some fun together!” *Zouma, running and jumping around with her unicorn friends*

Limit – The loyal

*Limit sleeping* – “Whaaat, I have to run? Ok let’s go! It’s time to be vice-world champion! Hurry up dad, it’s only 30 sec of effort!!” *Limit finishes his run – Limit is sleeping again, while everyone else is celebrating his title*

Kali – the sheriff

“I hate dogs! But oh, this unneutered male looks at me. Oh he even wants to play. How flattering. Damn old lady, show him what you got!”

Youri – The oldie

“Getting up to go for a pee? Oh no please, I am an old man. Jumping above a fence to find a little crumb? Hell yeah, that’s a brilliant idea!”